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In 1986, the founder of Pedia, Inc. developed a method to deliver Information at the Point of Need™ (delivering exactly the information consumers want, exactly when they want it), and create consumer information platforms that benefit consumers and marketers alike.

Today it’s not about “low-value ads” (no matter how well targeted) that consumers block and ignore, it’s about providing as much of the “high-value information” consumers use to make their transaction decisions as possible. Wherever consumers can get information even remotely related to your company, your products, services or your industry, YOUR company needs to be the source of that information.

Managing the “high-value” consumer information about your company, it's products, services or your industry should be your single most important goal in today’s hyper-competitive, global marketplace.

The choice is simple - either YOU provide the “high-value” consumer information in your market or your SOMEBODY ELSE will. There will be no ties.

Because the Internet is the single greatest source for the information consumers and businesses use to make their transaction decisions, for the first time in history it’s possible for companies to effectively manage the “high-value” information in their markets without the tremendous overhead of traditional media.