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Saturday, May 30, 2020


The fundamental law of business is: “Go where they are - give ’em what they want.” Miss either of these and pretty much nothing else matters - you’re toast.

Q: So, where are today’s consumers?

A: They’re on the Internet. (If you don’t know this, you’re already in the toaster.)


Q: And what do today’s consumers want on the Internet?

A: Information.


Q: And what KIND of information do consumers want? (Don't forget to ask this question.)

A: High-value information. Independent, third-party, higher authority information they can believe. Not propaganda and certainly not more ads. There are a myriad of reasons that contribute to this desire, not the least of which are too many choices and too little time.


Q: And why do consumers want this INFORMATION? (Don't forget to ask this one too.)

A: In most cases it's to assist them in making some sort of transaction decision, and consumers won’t skip this INFORMATION step, since that’s why they came to the Net in the first place. Otherwise they’d be standing in a showroom somewhere, waiting to be sold.


Q: So what about my/your (company) Web site?

A: Okay, you got the first “go where they are” part right - you’re on the Internet. But today’s consumers know that company Web sites are NOT high-value “third party, independent information they can trust.”


Q: And how do we know that?

A: Simple observation, experience, and statistics from the past 10 years. Today’s consumers are skeptical of business, government, and organizations of all types, and not without reason. Just look at the headlines and ask yourself how much of what a company (WorldCom, Tyco, Enron, Global Crossing, Lehman Bros., AIG - pick one), accounting firm (Arthur Anderson), stockbroker (Merrill Lynch) or politician (pick one) says, do you believe? There’s your answer. A recent Gallup poll on credibility ranks “big business,” “wall street” and “HMOs” at the very bottom of consumer credibility.


Q: How do we know this works?

A: The Fundamental Law: First, the Internet proves consumers obviously want convenient information to make their buying decisions. Second, consumers universally do NOT want MORE ads. Conclusion, companies should give consumers the INFORMATION THEY WANT instead of the ADS THEY DON'T WANT.


Q: Why waste resources on ads consumers DON'T want, when you can provide the high-value content they DO want?

A: iSi collaborates with companies and consumers to create the ULTIMATE CONSUMER INFORMATION RESOURCE ON THE INTERNET - a branded "collaborative consumer encyclopedia network" that provides consumers with faster, easier access to the the high-value information, products and services they want, when they want it, from an independent third-party they believe and remember, that also provides companies with the most powerful consumer information platform ever developed. Contact us for more information