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The PediaNetwork® is a powerful content marketing brand platform and a cooperative effort between Pedia, Inc, the creator of the first online encyclopedia in 1995, and marketers to provide the ultimate consumer information resource for every consumer product and service worldwide.

The PediaNetwork® is a “consumer encyclopedia network” that provides consumers with faster, easier access to the information, products and services they want and marketers with faster, easier access to the consumers they want, across all market segments.

The PediaNetwork® saves consumers time, money and effort while enabling marketers to provide high-value, useful information to consumers instead of more low-value advertising.

The PediaNetwork® is the consumer information platform that consumers organically perceive as "independent third-party, higer authority information that is more credible and authentic than any other source.

The PediaNetwork® provides a network science-based "competitive fitness" that produces a sustainable competitive advantage